Gede Ruins

Gede ruins are the remains of a Swahili town, typical of most towns along the East African Coast. It traces its origin in the twelfth century but was rebuilt with new town walls in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. This rebuilding is connected with the emigration of many citizens of Kilwa to Mombasa, Malindi and other places along the coast.

With its numerous inhabitants, the town became wealthy and it reached its peak in the fifteenth century. This enormous wealth is evidenced by the presence of numerous ruins, comprising of a conglomeration of mosques; a magnificent palace and houses all nestled in 45 acres ofprimeval forest. But in the first half of the seventeenth century the last
families left the town.

    Gede Ruins & Malindi Tour

    1 Day

    This tour’s along the north coast of Kenya where you can make up your day by exploring the most historical monuments of Kenya. Driving to Gede, a small towm between Malindi and Watamu where the National Museum of Gede Ruins…

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